Dear “Little Guru”

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Welcome, I would like to introduce myself, a loyal and trusted companion of the scientist, the writer, lawyer, mediator and whatever label you define her as, or just Ruby.  I am Bono.  A male, of eight human years.  I weigh 23 kg, a little portly (say nothing-I like my food). I have hair, fur all over my body, eyes, eyelashes, ears, tongue, lips, lungs, kidneys, heart and yes I am a dog or whatever insensibilities you refer to my kind as. I am further defined as an English springer spaniel.  I am not like you; but we both breathe (inhale and exhale) and I inhabit this planet with you.  The difference is your kind, your species, unlike mine have myths and conditioning which inform you that you have dominion over others, over the planet, which has led you to pollute and destroy the very environment which is intended to be your home – Mother Earth. No doubt this is predicated by a lack of “presence”, that is you live in the past and the future and never in the “NOW” – with a purpose and context which does not serve you. This is a story of my Ma, Ruby coming home. She has the label Ma because she loves me unconditionally, nurtures and cares about my welfare. 

You humans relegate experiences to the conditioned linear mind without really being present.  I do that too.  What do I mean by the “conditioned mind” and “I do that too?” We have all been processed, unaware of why we act or behave as we do. Ruby is becoming aware of this. She witnessed this in me. My papa was a gun dog. As fate would have it my Ma is a practising ethical vegan.  I have never been near a shoot, however I have a deep and primal need, a strange desire; habits you may say, to take the stuffing out of my toys, to fetch a toy bird and parade it around and then bring it to my Ma, to sniff deeply and intensely during our walks, a rich world, that I am present in.  That is my conditioning, my DNA, it was never taught to me nor was I exposed to others to learn from; it is part of my heritage, part of my evolution. You humans may refer to it as your past lives or whatever story your enlightened predecessors may have told you; borne from accessing a state at that time through their DNA, ancestors, memories, bodies and breath. Otherwise they would have told you about the birth of the planet, the universe, Gia, the dinosaurs, the human journey, greed and consumption and the impact humans would have on the planet – no, this is all missing.  We all like a story and it is madness to take such stories too literally. 

This journey is that of my Ma, Ruby to a place of the real self “the I” through the head, her heart, enchantment with the sacred, importantly through her body, her intuition, wisdom, her breath and ultimately from that place of trusting herself, and as a woman. The space that I know her best, that is how I am always. Ruby meets me in the sacred space of connection during our walks in the woods, where, just for those moments, she is immersed and entirely present and one with life.  This was and remains a journey to find a world that makes sense to her and one that she could truly be herself in, a synthesis of her parts to that of a whole, that is beyond a human “doing” to a human “being”. A context, a purpose and relationship,  outside of that offered by her species limited patriarchal rules and anthropocentric paradigm – to that of deep ecology, to that of a love of her home – mother Earth Gia.  

It was not an easy journey for her, for she has a habit of always doing, being somewhere else, than right here, borne out of the human conditioning and wanting to “do”. To avoid the “doing” she moves away from the herd’s conditioning to experience instead a journey of her chosen aloneness with others on the same path, with fear and uncertainty as her best friends. In essence it was a journey of her accessing a state of being entirely present. The journey continues and with her noticing patterns and a desire to synthesise the duality.  I experience her entire presence when she is present with me and she calls me her “dearest little Guru”. That indeed I am. Her Little Guru.