Chair of SIHRG Presentation on A Fair Deal for the Planet: Challenging Oil Production

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Challenging Oil Production: A call to action 

Melinda Janki, an international lawyer, will discuss
legal and environmental issues around the proposed oil production in Guyana, a small South American nation and former British colony. She will discuss the potential impact on the Caribbean and the rest of the world through climate change and biodiversity loss. She will also touch on recent litigation challenging the proposed oil production in Guyana.
Climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the biggest threats to life on earth.  Climate change knows no boundaries. Extreme weather conditions affect people across the world. No-one is immune. Carbon emissions from fossil fuels are turning the oceans acid and dissolving coral reefs. Oil spills continue to destroy wildlife. Nearly 30 years later the Alaskan environment has not recovered from the Exxon Valdez spill. Yet, major oil companies continue to drill for oil in deep sea and pristine environments and to pump out ever increasing emissions. Governments seem unable to act.  What can individual citizens, environmental groups and public interest lawyers do to protect life on earth?
Melinda Janki is an international lawyer. She was a founding member of SIHRG, vice-Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, and former Vice-President of the Guyana Bar Association. She has been a trustee/board member of various grass-roots environmental charities. She has been providing legal advice on corporate/commercial matters, environmental law and indigenous peoples for nearly 30 years. Melinda has an LL.B from UCL, a BCL from Oxford and an LL.M in public international law from UCL.
Chair: Ruby Sandhu, Date: THURSDAY 19th APRIL 2018  Venue: London TBC ON REGISTRATION