Ruby is keen to nurture, support and encourage young lawyers to step into their leadership by maximizing their potential and give voice to their passion in the legal profession. She has mentored and opened opportunities for a number of law graduates empathetic to the difficulty of gaining access to the legal profession where there is no guide, sponsor or mentor easily available. Diversity in the profession ensures a more functional and healthy legal system where different backgrounds and skill sets nurture a more progressive view of the world.

“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Ruby between February and June 2014. During that period Ruby provided a lot of practical support which eventually helped me secure a training contract. This was achieved through several avenues which included one-to-one mock training contract interviews, “homework” about skills that are required of a young lawyer as well as realistic and down to earth discussions about my future career in law and where I see myself in a few years’ time.  Like many young graduates I sometimes struggled to see the bigger picture; how law firms operate, what their goals are, what our position is within these organisations, which areas of law we [actually] see ourselves working in and what we want in order to feel self-achieved and fulfilled. However, the help and support of Ruby enabled me to see the bigger picture and ask more targeted questions which enabled me to make a career decision that fitted my career goals and personality like a glove.” Saleh
Ruby offered a truly inspirational workshop on Business and Human Rights. Through her lecture and case studies, she led students to think and operate in a new and holistic way at the juncture of business and human rights, be it as passionate NGO advocates, as trusted legal advisers or as human rights minded CEOs. Ruby has a way of teaching that is grounded in the facts and human rights while at the same time encouraging students to take note of the bigger picture. In this way, she opens up students’ minds, allowing them to find their unique contribution to the case at hand and, potentially, to the field of Human Rights at large. University postgraduate Human Rights Professor Bundusch
“As a mentor, Ruby not only guides you but takes interest in the individual and is very supportive. It was a great experience to participate in her research and have her as a mentor”. Caroline.